DC Chitral transferred

CHITRAL. May 14: The provincial government has appointed Aminul Haq as Deputy Commissioner Chitral in place of Shoaib Jadoon. Anwarul Haq, serving in BS-19, is considered as a seasoned bureaucrat of the provincial administrative services. Mr Jadoon who was posted to Chitral in 2013 has been directed to report to Peshawar for further posting.–K.A. Jamil]]>

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  1. Actually all your thoughts are misplaced and take you back to the British Raj period. But here I do not blame you. It is the failure of our political system due to which such a tiny public servant becomes too big for their boots. And there are many more down the rung who not only consider themselves as Quaid e Azam but also indulged themselves in corrupt practices without being accounted for. Why we think that the DC can and should be our fate changer? He has no authority especially after Musharraf clipped many of their powers as regard to development activities and other matters. It is high time media keep a vigil on these public servants so that they can remain in their limits.

  2. Thanks God, the man transferred, He had done nothing for development of Chitral during his total stay in the district. His hands are empty, he introduced no reforms, no developmental initiatives and had nothing in his credit for development of Chitral. People of Chitral are very happy that the long-standing status que like situation almost changed amid transfer of the DC. During his stay in Chitral people suffered due to Lawari pass closure, price control system totally ignored by him he closed his door for general public and confined himself in the DC house all the time he had done nothing in order to give relief to poverty ridden public of Chitral.

  3. Oho! Farewell our worthy and ‘over-efficient savior’. We will remember you every time as an ‘efficient’ DC (as efficient as you) is posted in Chitral. Ba-bye!

  4. Thanks God. The news is like a cold breeze of wind for Chitralis who have finally get rid of the corrupt person. It will be fair if an inquiry is conducted about his wrong doings for the last one year.

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