Collapse of price control mechanism in Chitral

DROSH, May 11: The federal government recently announced a reduction in the prices of petroleum products after which the price of diesel came down substantially – by Rs. 4.51 per litre. fares copyBut despite this reduction, the commuters in Chitral do not see any reduction in the fares of public transport vehicles and taxis. According to a government notification, the price of diesel has been fixed at Rs.109.35 per litre but it seems we are living in another world as Chitrali people are still paying Rs.110.30 per liter in spite of the fact that the government pays the whole carriage cost. When the government announces an increase in the prices of diesel and petrol the transporters and cabbies even o not wait for the issuance of a notification and increase the fares on their own. But when the prices are reduced, they refuse to pass on the benefit to the commuters on one pretext or the other. There has also been a reduction in the price of wheat flour from Rs. 2,000 per bag to Rs.1,600 per bag but still the poor and leaderless people of Chitral are forced to pay Rs.20 per Tanduri bread which is also underweight. Similarly, the LPG price also decreased in the country but in Chitral there is no difference to be seen in its price. Lowari Pass has been opened to traffic and essential commodities have started arriving in the district but the prices of chicken and meat is the same which existed in the winter when the Lowari top road was closed. The poor people of Chitral want to ask Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak is there any government machinery to control prices in the district of Chitral? The district administration has completely ignored its duty of controlling prices and has given a free hand to the hoarders who are looting the consumers with both hands.  ]]>

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