Chitral's dilapidated bridges pose grave threat to people's lives

CHITRAL, May 11:  The geographical condition of Chitral makes it impossible to keep its hundreds of villages and sub-valleys connected with each other without building strong bridges and maintaining them properly. bridge1However, the suspension bridges on different streams and main rivers in Chitral pose grave threats to the lives of thousands of people. The main jeep-able to Yarkhun valley near Brep village has frequently been washed away by flooding in the river and last time it was left un-constructed for four years. Similarly, the main suspension bridge at Ayun which connects Ayun and the Kalash valleys with other parts of the district is in a dilapidated condition. Although a huge amount was released to the Communication and Works Department for the maintenance of this bridge, it is not known where the money was spent because the condition of the bridge shows that it has never been repaired.bridge All the suspension bridges in upper Chitral have been in poor conditions for long. A few years back, a student fell into the river and died on the spot while crossing such a suspension bridge. Some 10 peoples lost their lives at Shogram village when a passenger jeep while crossing a bridge there fell into the river due to absence of safety fencing. Seven people were killed at Barnius when a passenger vehicle fell into a ravine while crossing a bridge which was also without any fencing and protection wall or parapet toward the river. Among the accident victims were three brothers. bridge2 Bridges in Rech valley, Koshum, Sanoghur, Zizdi, Istaro, Shahgram, Zeewargol and other areas of upper Chitral are very dangerous. These bridges over the Chitral River have blind turns and a vehicle can weer off while trying to negotiate them. The residents of Chitral have been demanding for long the construction of fencing on both sides of the bridges and protection walls on roadsides to avoid accidents.  ]]>

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