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Dogbite victims without vaccines

RESHUN, May 8: A huge number of patients have been registered here at the Reshun Basic Health Unit (BHU) after dog bitten them. bhu copyBut the situation is extremely worsen for them as  there is no Anti Rabies Vaccine (ARV) in the whole district. One of the officials told ChitralToday that he had received many calls from the neighbouring BHUs demanding that particular vaccine which was necessary for the dog-bitten patients. He also showed written description from one of the doctors of Booni Headquarters Hospital where he was asking for the  vaccine. Another resident said that the DHQ hospital authorities seems were not interested in providing medical cares in the district as Chitral was far off from the rest of the world and bringing this particular vaccine from Peshawar or elsewhere was quite complicated. To transport and store, there is always a need for keeping the vaccine in a refrigerator. Another resident said people were living in the far-flung areas of the districts and if a vaccine was not available in the whole district how do we expect from local authorities for the treatment of any fatal disease.]]>

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