Costly road repairing machines left to rust in Chitral

CHITRAL, May 8: A costly machine worth millions of rupees used in repairing roads and removing debris and snow has been left to rust outside the police station of Booni for the last 13 years. SONY DSCOn the other hand, roads in the whole subdivision of Mastuj present dilapidated look and need the machine for their repair. The heavy machinery is the property of the district council Chitral which was supposed to use it for levelling the roads and removing snow and mud etc from roads. Another similar machine has been abandoned at the finance department office Chitral while four bulldozers worth millions of rupees are standing at Denin, Kalkatak Drosh, Mastuj and Koghuzi. Prominent social and political figure of Booni Shah Wazir Lal said people of the subdivision were surprised that on the one hand roads remained broken and developed ditches and on the other heavy machinery were left unused.SONY DSC When contacted, the SHO police station Booni came up with his own view of the huge machine left outside his office and said it was a security risk. “This machine poses a threat to the police station because anytime a terrorist or miscreant can hide behind it and attack us.” Meraj Hussain of Booni said the costly machine was left without any use and was rusting for the last 13 years. He said the government should repair the machine to use it for road maintenance or sell it out and purchase new machines.]]>

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  1. Hahhaha,,, nice joke from the SHO. You will go through the back door and hide in hole before terrorist reaches you as our beloved army are in our borders.

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