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Imran Khan's political gimmicks

The emergence of Imran Khan and PTI as a strong political force gave some sort of hope and relief to the people of Pakistan that the monopoly of the PML-N and the PPP would be over amid the new political party in the form of the PTI. imranAfter getting political ground in KP and some seats in Punjab, the PTI formed government in the KP province and the credit goes to PML-N which gave him a free hand in forming the provincial government. Had the PML-N cooperated with the JUI (F) the PTI would not have been in a position to form its government in KP. The PTI assumed power in KP with the slogan of a change and zero tolerance for corruption and the grassroots level reform in the functioning of all departments so that they could behave like public servants and not public masters. After the passage of one year, however, no such reforms are visible – neither in the health sector nor in the education sector or any other government department. Especially, in case of C&W Department the case is going from bad to worse and no progress is visible in infrastructure development projects, especially in the context of Chitral. Since PTI’s coming to power, people of Chitral have been expecting that Bypass Road, Mulan Gol Bridge, Torkhow Road and Mastuj road black-topping will be completed. But here too we are very disappointed to inform PTI Imran Khan and the KP Chief Minister that all the above mentioned and other infrastructure projects are completely forgotten. This has directly annoyed common man at large and people are asking questions what is PTI doing and where is its reform agenda which it promised before election. Recently,  Imran Khan again detracted from its reform agenda and going to hold protest rally along with Tahirul Qadri, after completely ignoring the plights of people suffering in KP, especially in Chitral. People in KP and especially in Chitral feel no difference between the previous ANP and present PTI government in terms of service delivery, rather present government is lagging too much behind in case of initiating developmental projects as compared to the previous government. Existing developmental projects are not completed and not a single project has been initiated in Chitral during the lapse of one year PTI in government. The serious problem of deforestation which is going on in Chitral like in the past government and people of Ayun held hunger strike in Chitral against ruthless cutting of trees but no government functionary came there to address the common problem of Chitral that is deforestation. We request Imran Khan to make KP model province through reforms and hard work, it will be your winning point in the coming election. In this period of free media and information technology everyone know that you are exploiting the tension like situation in the country and trying to get at power through the backing of establishment which further affect your true political and democratic credential. After the present election, Imran Khan time and again praised the role of media and especially Geo News but now he boycotted the Geo and Jang Group because there is a problem of the group with military establishment. In such an eventuality, true democrat forces take side with the media and civil society and not the establishment. All these political gimmicks critically tarnished the image of Imran Khan as a genuine political leader and it seriously disappointed his voters and well wishers. I am expressing these sentiments as a true well wisher of PTI and Imran Khan.  ]]>

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