Thalessemia day: A tribute to volunteer blood donors

[box type=”info”]World Thalessemia Day is observed on May 8 every year.[/box]  By Dania Jabeen (A tribute to our voluntary blood donor *New Rising Blood* who dole out for humanity to share their blood and they make sure management of thalessemia disorder). In Surah Al-Maidah 5:32 Allah The Almighty says: “….and if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” The real meaning of above ayah can only be realized by those who really want to help anemic children with gulp hand due to multiple needles and lifeless eyes. In Pakistan about 5,000 thalessemic children are born per year. Thalessemia is a genetically blood disorder in which red blood cells are stop working properly and children need blood for their survival. Thalessemia is a major public health problem in Pakistan which poses huge burden not only on the sufferers themselves but also the healthcare system of the country and so it needs our concern to control it and treat it. thallesimiaAs we say prevention is better than cure, education is most important preventive tool. We must have to spreading awareness to our ground level. There is a law for the premarital screening for prevention of thalessemia but unfortunately this is not bein implemented. Marriage is the name of a responsibility to initiate a stable family, we must screen our family. Being thalessemia minor not a disease, this is only a tendency to pass to next generation, skipping of screening test does not ensure healthy generation. Allah says your spouses are garments for you a garment may or may not fit perfectly-but either way it covers imperfections, protects and beautifies. We must promise to spouses for free genetic disorder family. For the children who have already entered in this world and have started the chain of suffering…., management is the only option for them. Despite of recent advancements in the treatment of thalassemia, blood still remains Blood, red tissue of human body we cannot sell or buy, it can only donate if needs Blood is the major resource of medicine for thalessemic children to save their last breath. The courage of thalesemic patient and their family cannot be describe in words ,who fight with death every day, each past morning is distressing them about blood necessity and management, how can a mother revealed when she watch her child dying every moment, her child future in mysterious .short breath of child must be disturb their hopeless dream. Imagine the desire of small child who don’t need toys for playing who is searching a drop of blood for happiness. Thalesemic children are waiting for their super heroes, who sacrificed for them, who protect from all worries and give them in a happiest fearless world. There is no reason to not follow your heart. We all have to die nothing exist alive or sustain. To treat child who already born as thalessemia major, our youngster donate their blood as our armed force don’t give up in front of foe .Blood reform with in 120 days and only one part out of 13 has to donate for saving life, that provide positive consequence to health. Donating blood on regular basis need a tender heart, to feel the desolation of the patient, to share their grief and make a honorable spiritual relation. This trend of donation of blood increasing in youngster they are refugees, they are individual and have strong passion for help.]]>

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