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Man, son killed over land dispute

DROSH, May 4: Two persons – a man and his son – were killed and another was injured over a land dispute in the Osiak village at about 4:40 am on Sunday.

According to the police, Iqbalul Mulk and Muazazul Mulk groups had a dispute over land in Osiak village which led to an armed conflict early Sunday resulting in the killing of Aminul Mulk and his son Samiul Mulk of the Muazazul Mulk group.

Muazazul Mulk himself sustained serious injuries. Two other persons were injured who are reported to be from the rival group.

The Drosh police have registered cross FIRs of the incident under sections 302, 324, 147, 148, 149 & 109. Initially, four persons have been taken into custody and the police are investigating the case. 

GH Farooqui adds: The FIR was registered against Iqbalul Mulk, Israrul Mulk, Maqsoodul Mulk, sons of  Inayatul Mulk of Osiak;  Gul  Ahmad, son of  Talib Jan, a resident of Kamsai Arandu,  Ramdad Khan, son of  Payenda Khan, and Qayum Khan, residents of  Kamsai Arandu. 

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  1. Sikander Jamil says

    I think the report doesn’t says that Aminul Mulk and his son were killed by Muazazul Mulk. Rather it mentioned the dispute among Iqbal ul Mulk and Muazazul Mulk groups.

  2. sara says

    The fight was between amin ul mulk and iqbal ul mulk. Amin ul mulk and his son were killed by iqbal ul mulk not muazaz ul mulk.

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