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Tributes to Chitrali martyrs

CHITRAL, May 1: Like other parts of the country, the martyr day was also observed by the Chitral Scouts on Wednesday.

In this regard, parents of those Chitral Scouts and army personnel who rendered their lives for the defence of the country were invited to a special ceremony here where the commandant of the Scouts paid tributes to the martyrs.

Speaking on the occasion, Col Naeem Iqbal, the commandant of Chitral Scouts, praised the bravery and valour of the Chitral Scouts and said that the families of those killed in the line of duty would be provided all-out supports. He said that Chitral Scouts would continue its tradition of bravely efending the borders of the country.

It may be noted that a large number of Chitralis working in Chitral Scouts, FC and the army have sacrificed their lives while defending the country and fighting the militants in different parts of the country.—Nazir Hussain

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