Kalash valleys blocked as road caves in

CHITRAL, May 1: The road to the Kalash valleys has caved in at Dubash suspending traffic to and from the Bumbret and Rumbur areas. roadThe road eroded due to the increasing flow of river. The people of the valley had reportedly restored the road a week earlier on a self-help basis. But again it could not sustain the increasing traffic on the way and weak construction of the defensive wall. It was seen that people from both valleys were facing a lot of problems to reach their destinations. Even the people engaged with transportation service taking double fares from the passengers on the way to Bumbret and Rumbur valleys. People of the area were also seen to load and unload necessary items on both sides of the fallen place and catching another vehicle to get to their destinations by paying double fares. Ms. Rahima from Bumbret valley said” “We have to go either to Chitral or Drosh bazaar to buy some necessary daily-use items for the upcoming Chilimjusht festival on May 13 as we would be hosting a large number of guests during the three-day festival. But we are locked here due to the road blockade without having arrangement for it.” A group of elders from the valley standing beside the fallen road waiting for vehicles said this road had become a big hurdle for hundreds of passengers every day for the last many days but no attention has been given on its restoration by the district administration and the construction & work department. They demanded its restoration as soon as possible for the celebration of Chilimjusht festival with proper preparation and arrangements.]]>

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