Poor man appeals for treatment

DROSH, April 19: Aleem Khan, son of Muhammad Taeeb, 30, from the Shishi Azurdam Drosh and the only bread earner for his family including an elderly mother is bed-ridden for the last three months. SAM_0371 He was working as a labourer in Islamabad’s Gulberg Town when he fell from an under-construction building and got his backbone broken. Some people in Islamabad managed to send him back to his home from where the villagers brought him to the THQ hospital in Drosh and are tending to him along with the hospital staff. Back in his one-room home, his elderly mother, also in poor health, needs someone to not only console her about the condition of her son but also provide her food. Aleem Khan says his treatment is possible only in Karachi. Doctors have told him that he needs to undergo an operation which may cost over Rs100,000. If timely treatment at a good hospital is not provided to Aleem Khan, whose lower body parts are getting paralyzed, he may not survive. If someone/somebody wants to help Aleem Khan, they can contact him at the Drosh hospital or on these numbers: talk to Qazi Khisro 03449703309 or Fidaur Rahman 03444478191.–Abbas Hussain]]>

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