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3G, 4G for the rest of Pakistan and nothing for Koh

By Salahuddin Khisrow The folk who live in Backward Town Are inside out and upside down: Mary Ann Hoberman The third generation mobile and internet service has resumed working in major cities of Pakistan and the process will be completed in coming few months. But do you know an area where people are deprived of the telephone service even in the 21st century. 3gYes I do and it is union council Koh situated in the subdivision of Chitral. Although V-phone is available there but in true sense there is nothing because it works for its own bad work. Customers keep dialing numbers and it doesn’t respond at the far end. It is embarrassing to tell anyone about no phone service in our area and it looks like to them that our abode doesn’t lie in this world and it is located close to Mars or Saturn. It should be a matter of concern for government and especially to our elected representatives. You can make hundreds of procrastination in Chitral and in most cases “remote” and “inaccessible” kind of words are used by our leaders. But here, contrary to this, landline and cell-phone services are working well beyond Koh union council. Apart from this service, Koh is lagging behind in other arenas, from education to health care. A cell-phone poll was installed in “Mroi” couple of years back but so far it has not been operational. V-phone has been working intermittently since 2010 and bad signal is an issue with it as well as insufficient capacity. People use antenna to enhance signals and wait for phone hours. It works well, within a given duration of time and dead otherwise. Our parliamentarians are requested to consult cellular companies to provide services everywhere in chitral in common and in Koh union council in particular. If this is not possible they should make sure that landline is available everywhere. It is cruel to deprive people of telephone and internet services in 21st century. Hopefully they will take up this matter seriously.]]>

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