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New MPA welcomed home

BOONI, April 28: Newly-elected MPA Syed Sardar Hussain was accorded a warm welcome by people, activists of PPP and women of the area upon his arrival in subdivision Mastuj after taking oath. mpa3 copyThe MPA was received by a big cavalcade of vehicles of party activists and other people at Greem Lasht which is the starting village of the subdivision. The activists of the PPP chanted slogans and waved party flags as the MPA came out of his vehicle. The people of the area had set up reception gates at various villages, including Reshun, Kuragh, Charun and Junali Koch. Women showered rose petals and presented bouquets and traditional Ishpari to the MPA. Sardar Hussain thanked all the women individually for their support. He was accompanied by local PPP leaders including Abu Lais Ramdasi, Sardar and Amirullah.—Waqar Ahmed]]>

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