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MPA lambastes KP govt for cold-shouldering Qaqlasht festival

CHITRAL, April 27: The annual Chitrali culture-centered Qaqlasht festival concluded with all its traditional richness and colours but laying bare the KP government’s complete disregard towards the promotion of sports and games in Chitral.

The criminal negligence of the provincial government to patronize the annual event was exposed by the newly-elected member of the KP assembly, Mr Sardar Hussain. Sepaking at the concluding ceremony as chief guest, the MPA said despite making hectic efforts by the organizers the government did not provide any support for the annual event. He said he had approached PTI MPA Fouzia Bibi while Shahzada Sikendarul Mulk had sent proposals to the government but all fell on deaf ears.

The MPA said PTI chief Imran Khan was himself a sportsman but it was regrettable that after his party came to power in the province he has forgotten all types of sports. Mr Hussain said if the provincial government did not provide funds for the festival next year, he would request the Chitral Scouts to arrange the event under its supervision. Chitral Scouts commanding officer Col Naeem Iqbal was present on the occasion. the MPA announced Rs100,000 for the management of the festival for distribution among the winning teams and players.

The MPA on the occasion also announced that a girls’ degree college would be established in Mulkhow while Mastuj would have a new degree college for boys. He said the chief minister has approved the opening of the two colleges.


The team of Reshun defeated Kosht in the final of polo. In volleyball, Chitral Scouts defeated the Awi team while in football Zargaran Deh Chitral won the match against Reshun after a penalty stroke. Sonoghur won the final of cricket after defeating the Upper Dir team. In the tug of war, Mulkhow remained victorious against Booni.

Hussain Zareen of Rayeen, Torkhow, and Zahiruddin Babar of Booni won the shooting competition. In traditional hockey of Chitral, the Biyar team defeated Mulkow by two goals. Mr Jawad of Kosht remained first in the racing competition. A large number of people from all parts of Chitral witnessed the three-day festivals.

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