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Poeple of Drosh without chickens for days

DROSH, April 25: The people of Drosh are facing lots of hardship as the local markets is short of poultry products and there are also problems being faced by the subscribers of Telenor in making or receiving phone calls. telenor copyBesides, there are interruptions in the communication system of Telenor and its subscribers are facing trouble in making phone calls due to weak signals. When this correspondent contacted a number of poultry sellers in the town, they said that the police asked them to sell live chicken at the rate of Rs200. However, the wholesale traders were not ready to provide the chicken even for Rs235. After the local shopkeepers and the chicken importers failed to reach an agreement on the prices, the police sent all the chicken back to Peshawar. The signal of Telenor is also weak and most of time the coverage is not available in all areas of Drosh and nearby areas. The residents of Drosh were of the view that the connectivity issue emerged after the person concerned working in the Telenor tower always stole fuel for the generator due to which it is not operated 24 hours a day. The people of Drosh requested to the deputy commissioner and the Chitral police chief to take action to resolve these problems.]]>

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