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Kuru, the village of sport lovers

Kuru is a small village in the garrison town of Drosh. The word Kuru is derived from the Khowar language, which means a fertile, greenish and plain land. kuru copyKuru is situated on the right bank of the Chitral River beside the Drosh bazaar. The people of Kuru are known for their immense love for sports but, unfortunately, they have to go to other areas or the riverbed to quench their thirst for sports as there is no playground or other facility. The Kuru village has a great historical importance. Late Lal Saifullah Jan and his brother former minister Qadir Nawaz Khan were the natives of this village though they shifted out later. The two political personalities gained national importance and fame and also played a vital role in the freedom movement of Chitral. There are about 170 residential houses in Kuru that are inhabited by the Chitralis, Pashtoons and Afghan refugees. In summer, the residents face shortage of water for agricultural purposes. For drinking, they use water from a spring. mosqueThere is a special women shopping market which consists of 40 small and big shops. People come from far away for shopping here, especially on Eid occasion. There are three mosques and one of them called Siplai Mosque, the foundation of which was laid on May 11, 1988. This mosque is run under the supervision of Chitral Scouts. The Amir Bagay clan is the original residents of village Kuru. One of the dweller of the village Mr Saleemur Rehman (retired subadar) has 1,000 precious stones on which the name of Allah, Muhammad and other images like birds are painted. There is also another big stone in the Kuru mosque on which the name of Muhammad is very clearly written which is indeed  awesome. The village is suffering from various problems due to the lack of attention by political leaders. There are a primary and a secondary schools for girls in Kuru besides a private model degree college. The village has no healthcare centre except a population welfare centre. Most of the young people in the village are the workers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Instaf (PTI).      ]]>

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  1. Abbas Hussain says

    Dear, I belong to a Pashtoon family living in Kuru and have heard it from the locals. I don’t know about its details as I am not an expert on the history of Chitral. But Insha Allah I will try to explain very soon what you want to know.

  2. Sajid Mansur says

    Very nice write-up. Could Mr. Abbas Hussain explain the freedom movement of Chitral?
    we have heard about the freedom movement of Pakistan but not Chitral.

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