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PTI Chitral leadership deceived me, says GM

ISLAMABAD, April 15: Former member provincial assembly Ghulam Muhammad on Tuesday accused the local leadership of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)) of violating their party discipline by not extending support to him during the April 13 re-polling in the seven controversial polling stations of PK-90. ghulamTalking to ChitralToday on phone from Chitral, he said the local PTI leadership, especially Rehmat Ghazi Khan and Abdul Lateef, deceived him by working against him despite instructions from Azam Khan Swati, the provincial president of the party. He thanked Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazal (JUI-F) district leadership for extending support to him, ignoring the electoral alliance with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). “The reason behind my defeat was the dubious role played by Jamat-e-Islami and the PTI local leadership, especially Rehmat Ghazi and Abdul Lateef who were afraid of their future in politics as the provincial leadership of PTI was fully supporting me,” he added. Winning or losing are part and parcel of the game, he said, adding the role played by the local PTI leadership had exposed them how well they were entrenched in society. “The role they played against me in the re-polling was actually deceiving their own party leadership”, he maintained. He said that his victory could have ushered in an era of development for the people of upper Chitral, saying the provincial government had assured him of all possible support to turn the area into a model constituency. The PPP MPA-elect Sardar Hussain, he added, would not be able to make a slight difference to mitigate the sufferings of the people except thumping desks in the assembly. “The need of the hour is to pay attention towards the issues faced by the area which could be possible only with the support of treasury,” he added. He also expressed his gratitude to the people who voted for him despite all the propagandas against him by the opponents. “I will personally go to the areas right from Charun Oveer, Zizdi and up in the mountains of Rech and Barum Oveer. I have just come back from Mastuj after thanking my voters there,” he said. Ghulam Muhammad seemed optimistic to stage a comeback in the next general elections with a thumping majority.]]>

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  1. Muzlee says

    Good Decision by PTI local leaders not to stand with Corrupted leader

  2. Kamran Hussain says

    I support the PTI local leaderships decision in not supporting the decision of its Provincial President and deplore the decision of Azam Swati for not taking the advice of the local leadership into consideration before going to Chitral in support of the APML candidate.
    This is a big issue and is against the PTI manifesto to support people who have on record used black money to rig elections. This tirade against the PTI leadership in Chitral is not new even before the elections the ex MPA through his cronies had unleashed a propaganda campaign to malign the top PTI leadership in Chitral. In this regards many articles and letter got published in the local in national media claiming the PTI leaders in Chitral were corrupt.
    The dilemma however is that the ex MPA on the other hand has thanked the JUI for going against the wishes of the party policy.

  3. Faridul Haq says

    ‘Hypocrisy, thy name is Politics’
    Hypocricy # 1: Local PTI leaders agreeing to support the said candidate in front of their provincial president, but clandestinely doing otherwise.
    Hypocricy # 2: PTI says it stands for merit and honesty but sending it’s president to support an allegedly financially corrupt candidate, just for the sake of a seat.
    Hypocrisy # 3: The defeated gentleman accuses the local PTI leaders of not listening to their provincial president and thus not supporting him, but he praises the local JUI leadership for not listening their provincial president and instead supporting him.(zhorh ma khosh phishmak ma dish).
    Hypocrisy # 4: Even the voters saying something while actually doing something else.
    As long as there is politics, hypocrisy will flourish. A new order for the world is needed to replace this corrupted democracy and bring in the system of pure Meritocracy.

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