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Now it is time to bury the hatchets

BOONI, April 14: The All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chitral leaders visited the residence of MPA-elect Sardar Hussain and congratulated him for winning the election after the re-polling here on Monday. iftikharThe APML leaders included MNA Iftikharuddinf, former MPA Haji Ghulam Muhammad and Khalid Pervez. Besides congratulating the PPP MPA-elect, the APML leaders  also praised the peaceful conduct of the re-polling. They promised that they all would be working jointly in the assemblies and outside the assemblies for the development of Chitral. They also said that they would also be working to eliminate the menace of sectarianism which has divided the society in Chitral. Ghulam Muhammad on the occasion reminded the gathering about his struggle regarding the Lowari Tunnel, Atahak water channel and Booni-Mastuj road. He said he and his party accepted Shah Ji’s victory in the re-polling. He also said that recently there was a propaganda against him in the media that he was involved in corruption. Ghulam Muhammad challenged his opponents that if any case of corruption was proved against him in the court of law, he would quit politics for ever. “I will not go to the court and put the ball in the people’s court to decide,” he added. sardar2MPA from lower Chitral Saleem Khan on the occasion said that it was the beauty of Chitrali traditions and culture that we are together here today. “We will bring prosperity to the region,” he promised and also said that in collaboration with each other we will make Upper Chitral another district. In the end, Sardar Hussain thanked all the guests for visiting and congratulating him on his victory. He said, “I and Haji Saheb are brothers and belong to the same village and our companionship is a lesson and great example of unity of the people of the whole area.  ]]>

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  1. Jafar Khan says

    Karim bhai, if somebody comes to ur house to congratulate u what will u do? while GM came to his home, Shah sab was a host and host u know they have to respect his guest that’s the thing which Shah sab has done, I think. Out of his home, they both have their own politics and their way. So this is not a big issue.

  2. Karim Aman says

    The very first statement from Sardar Hussain speaks volume of his dual policy. It shows how true is he he to his words. The gentleman was up in arms declaring GM as contractor mafia leader, but when he went to congratulate Shah ji forgot everything and instead said he is the younger brother of GM. The people of Chitral are the most unfortunate people that who once again did blunder by electing a man from PPP. Wish if they could have recalled what PPP did for them despite enjoying power for complete five years. How can we forget the way Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani shifted all the funds earmarked for Lowari tunnel to Mutlan. How can we forget the way Saleem remained mum in the provincial assembly throughout his five years despite having a ministry. How can we forget when he stayed in Islamabad for over a week when he was refused an appointment to meet then PPP interior minister Rehaman Malik. The people of Chitral who are not ready acknowledge the services of Gen Musharraf deserves such treatment. They do not deserve respect because they have never see respect. They do not have self-respect and they run after people treat them like third-rate citizens like PPP did in its last tenure. Not a single PPP leader visited Chitral during its five year long and corrupt rule. I appreciate the ANp as its chief minister visited Chitral for seven times at least besides undertaking numerous development projects in the area. This is disgusting to see the people of upper Chitral electing a man of a party which has done nothing for the development of Chitral. It is no more the PPP of ZAb, it is PPP of Mr Ten percent, whose sole purpose is to acquire money whatever the way he can.

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