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Development of Chitral KP govt's top priority: Swati

CHITRAL, April 12: Provincial president PTI Azam Swati here on Saturday said Chitral will be given top priority in the development of all sectors by the provincial government to bring it at par with the developed districts of the province after five years. swatiAddressing a press conference, he said the rulers in the past had neglected Chitral as a result of which even basic amenities of life were not available to the people here. He said that as per vision of the party chief, the provincial government will fully utilize the local resources which included potential of hydro-electric power and minerals. Mr. Swati blamed the past rulers of corruption and lack of vision who neglected the far flung areas and made lop sided development while the incumbent provincial government will undo all the injustices to such areas. He said that the government has already taken a number of steps to exploit the potential of hydro power generation in a short span of less than one year and two such projects are being planned in Chitral. Regarding the exploitation and exploration of minerals, he said that new strategy was on the anvil in this regard which will benefit the local people and will thus create job opportunities for thousand of unemployed youth.–Zahiruddin (Photo by GH Farooqui)  ]]>

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