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Online Khowar poetry contest held

CHITRAL, April 12: On April 7, 8, 9, 2014, a poetry contest on the topic Spring Season ‘Bosun’ was conducted on Facebook group Ghazalan Gurzaen. khowarIt was a first program of its kind in the history of Khowar Literature in which as many as 27 Chitrali poets living in different parts of the world took part.  The Khowar Literary Committee named ‘Khowar Adabi Mahraka’ managed the contest and examined the skills of the poets in their writings. According to the results, the poems of Mr. Latifur Rahman of village Ovir and Mr. Khalid Firaq Andleeb of village Gahiret were declared the first and second respectively. The members of Online Khowar Adabi Mahraka that conducted the contest  comprised  Musarrat Beg Musarrat of Chitral as President,  Ghazi Amanullah Ghazi from Saudi Arabia as organizer, Mohammad Ilyas of Chitral as secretory,  Tahir Shadan from Saudi Arabia as phrase editor and  Niat Akbar Figar of Sizg Yarkhun living in United Arab Emirates as poem editor. The merit certificates of the winners were also delivered on net.–Mohammad Ilyas Khwaja]]>

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