Sardar Hussain is biggest mafia boss, retorts Ghulam Muhammad


ISLAMABAD, April 11: Just two days before the re-polling in the seven polling stations of PK-90 Chitral II, the political back-and-forth has escalated with Ghulam Muhammad now declaring his rival Sardar Hussain as ‘biggest mafia boss’. Talking to ChitralToday, he outrightly rejected the allegations levelled against him by the PPP candidate, saying he (Sardar Hussain) was in disarray as fate carries no good news for him on Sunday re-polling. “The defeat will be his ultimate destiny as he manipulated the mandate of the people by making false allegations. He deprived the area of development [and] after 48 hours his tall claims of popularity will be exposed,” he added. He said that Azam Khan Swati had come to Chitral to muster support for him as he had unconditionally joined the PTI-led provincial government. “I’m the ally of the PTI in the province, and the party has all the right to extend its support to me in the re-polling,” he added. He further stated that the PPP leaders Najmuddin Khan, Khanzada, Bacha Saleh and Anwar Khan – all of them are contractors and notorious members of timber mafia – had also reached Chitral to back Sardar Hussain. The APML candidate said that the PPP leader Bacha Saleh, who had reached Chitral to save the sinking boat of Sardar Hussain, was the brother of Mushatq Saleh. He said Mushataq Saleh had been awarded Booni-Buzund road, Boon-Shandur road and Mastuj-Broghil Pass road contracts, where he committed massive corruption. About alleged use of money in the re-election, he challenged Sardar Hussain to go to court against Saleem Khan, a former provincial minister of PPP. He said that if he had the guts he should approach the court for initiation of a thorough probe into asset details of Saleem Khan before and after enjoying the honeymoon of ministerial slot. “How did Saleem build a grand bungalow at Sinlast; how he purchased a jungle at Arandu and is running a housing scheme secretly in Rawalpindi and the way he sold out jobs when he was a provincial minister,” he questioned.   “I would like to ask Saradar Hussain to prove which contractor backs me…I can prove how fair and honest Najmuddin Khan, Bacha Saleh etc are,” he added. According Ghulam Muhammad, apart from carving out Mastuj as a separate district, Azam Swati also had pledged to announce mega development projects besides improving the infrastructure in upper Chitral. He warned Sardar Hussain to think twice before levelling baseless allegation against an honest person like Swati, who sent a sitting PPP federal minister behind bars for rampant corruption in the Haj quota allocation.]]>

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  1. syed masroor ali shah says

    hahaha very funny ulta chor kotwal ko dantey kia sahab koi ap sey pochey k ap ney kis trah kamaya hea yea dolat yea status ap k koi aisi abayea jayeadad b nhea ,kisi ko target karney sey pehley apny girban mea jankey dekh k=ley,,,,,

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