DSL to start working in Booni from Monday: Sartaj Ahmed

CHITRAL, April 11: The DSL (digital subscriber line) service will start working in the Booni town from Monday, former tehsil nazim Chitral Sartaj Ahmed Khan said. dslTalking to ChitralToday on Friday, Mr Khan said that compared to other districts during the last about seven years the Pakistan Telecommunication Service Limited (PTCL) has done revolutionary works in the district of Chitral. He said he was thankful to the PTCL authorities, especially the chairman, former general manager Muhammad Khalid, Idrees Khattak, Syed Khalil, Abdul Manan, Wajih Anwar, Mr Shahid, Mujahidullah, Habib Gul, Muhammad Jalal and others for taking keen interest in spreading the PTCL service in the far-off and mountainous valley. The former tehsil nazim said the PTCL wireless loop towers had been installed at Bumburate, Ashiret, Karimabad, Mori Lasht, Golen, Reshun, Bumbagh, Zizdi, Torkhow, and Laspur. Besides, DSL services had been opened in Chitral town, Drosh and Ayun. He said he was also thankful to the PTCL authorities and the local people and friends for their cooperation and allocating land for the facilities in order to make it possible that the people of all the far-off areas in Chitral could be connected to the outside world through the wireless phones. The former nazim also said that he was proud of the fact that on his request the PTCL authorities had also sanctioned Rs870 million for the installation of fiber optic in Chitral work on which would start soon. He was also happy that the general manager PTCL, Mr M. Khalil and the media authorities removed all the hindrances in the installation of the DSL in Booni town which is now set to start working. He requested the subscribers in Booni that like in Chitral in the initial phase of service they might face some problems in the DSL service but it was heartening that the people of Booni would also be using the modern means of communication from Monday. Mr Khan also said that the PTCL authorities had also arranged generators for its installations in Zizdi, Laspur and Golen which would be transported to the areas very soon.    ]]>

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  1. Sartaj Ahmad Khan is a sincere man who possesses energy to do for his hometown. I personally have seen three men having some potential to raise voice for their people, Molana Abdul Akbar, Mehtarjav Sardar Abdul Ghani of Kessu and this very fellow.

  2. We really appreciate Sartaj sb for his marvelous job regarding DSL in Booni in upper Chitral. We request Sartaj sb to extend the service to upper Yarkhon area and Torkhow area too. Thnx
    Kashi Islamabad

  3. It seems Mr. Sartaj has assumed the responsibilities of spokesman for PTCL. In reality, the former is nothing more than parae ki shadi me Abdulla diwana. The PTCL is now a private entity which strives hard to expand its network to earn more for which it is installing towers to give service to more and more villages and cover more and more areas. There is nothing to get credit for the former nazim who was turned down by the people in the last general elections.

    1. @Sajid Mansur: I agree that Sartaj is a former tehsil nazim and as you say was defeated in the last election but my dear here lies a lesson to learn for you. Despite being a former nazim and his defeat in the election he believes in service to the people of Chitral. He also has proved that for serving the people it does not need only to be an MNA, or MPA. But unfortunately we have people who point fingers at sincere leaders when they carry out good work without any self interest. I appreciate Sartaj for his untiring effort and recommend him to run for the seat of MNA Chitral in the next election.

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