No one cares about Ashiret schools

CHITRAL, April 10:  Teachers of the government high school for boys and the government girls primary school Ashiret remain absent from the institutions and drawing salaries.

The GHS Ashiret was also found closed at 12 noon when this correspondent visited the institution. The post of headmaster in the boys school is lying vacant for the last two years while the acting headmaster has been on earned leave.

A senior teacher looking after the school told this scribe that there was no science laboratory, no playground, no computer lab and other facilities in the school. He said more than 550 students, both males and females, were enrolled in the school.

When the deputy commissioner Chitral and the District Education Officer Nisar Muhammad Khan were informed about the issue, they promised to take legal action against the absent teachers. During the visit to the Govt Girls primary School Sheradesh by this correspondent, local people said there were only two female teachers but one of them, Ms Sakina, was absent for the last even years.

They said the female teacher never performed her duty and visited the school after four months to fill her attendance in the register. There are only two classrooms for five classes and one room is being used for accommodation purposes.

In this connection, this scribe visited the office of the District Education Officer (female) Zehra Jalal to know about the reasons behind the pathetic situation, but she was not present.

Her staff said they had stopped the salary of the absent teacher, Ms Sakina, but no show-cause notice was issued to her nor a report about her absence was forwarded to the directorate or secretary education for legal action. The boy students of the school were seen playing among the stones due to absence of a playground.

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  1. it is very disappointment to know about the pathetic condition of the school and the irresponsible attitude of the teachers drawing salary without performing their duties.i am surprised about the conscience of the teachers.if there is a ghost school in the town area and no action taken against the adminstration , what can i expect from the schools in the far long areas.DC chitral has showed his heroic appearance during the examination of SSC ,now why he is not taking action regarding this report??

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