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On love, liquor and betrayal: Part-I

By Muhammad Jalaluddin Shamil
“The queen of my dreams, the beauty of my village and the betrayer of my innocent feelings has ruined my life and continuously ruining her own by affiliating herself with an abominable time-passer boy, who is neither sincere with her nor can protect her in face of any calamity. What shall I do?”
Baidi, a friend of mine overwhelmed with tears, said these words while firmly holding my hand and kissing the same in a confused state of his mind created in him by a mixed effect of betrayal of his beloved and the heavy dose of liquor which he was sipping at that very moment. I was speechless for a while, only contemplating about the destructive experience which betrayal of one’s beloved can bring and the pleasant effect of liquor. Aside from religious taboos; the enormous devastation of intoxication; and humble regret from the society, I am having the courage to identify a single pleasant effect of liquor (intoxication). The single pleasant effect is that it enhances intimacy between friends, at least for that moment only and bring out the reality from the mouth of the drunkard. Liquor never allows its lover to do politics or diplomacy in conversation, it brings out all the things naked without any camouflage, covering or clothes. Thing come out from the mind and heart of people as naked as a newborn baby. My Bumburet visitor friends may understand what I’m saying. Perhaps these were the reasons why my friend kissed my hands and told me all his love story by saying, “Yar Shamil I am coming out of the closet and disclosing all my ‘kahani’ to you”.
There is a mysterious connection as well as evident contrast between love, liquor and betrayal. Weeping, longing, suffering, anxiety, restlessness and host of other phenomena are common to all the three. Soliloquy and monologue are a frequent and common tragedy with people in love, under effect of liquor and experiencing betrayal. On the other hand, while in love a person tends to live in isolation assuming his/her beloved besides him/her and the mood oscillating between depression and elation. Under the effect of liquor, an individual prefers to live in a congregation and while experiencing the trauma of betrayal an individual oscillates between congregation and isolation with heavy heart and a sense of un-accomplishment.

Further co-relations and contrast will come in the coming episodes.


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