C&W employees announce strike against arrest of colleagues in Chitral

Speaking at a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Sunday, PWD labour union provincial secretary information Gul Zameen said police in Booni town of Chitral had framed the five officials of the C&W department on the directives of a judicial magistrate. He claimed that the judge took action and ordered the arrest of the officials after the latter refused to release funds on the direction of the civil judge Rehmatullah Mehsud from the maintenance and repair account without legal procedure. KP resident of the union Syed Ghaffar Shah, district Nowshera president Shah Nawaz, Malakand president Faqir Shah and Peshawar president Sahibuddin were also present at the press conference. As reported in ChitralToday a few days back, the Booni police arrested former XEN Najmul Islam, SDOs Riaz Ali Shah, Maqbool Ahmed and three other officials of the C&W department for taking commission from the contractor of the local judicial lock-up and in other corruption cases. The PWD union leaders said the judge had misused his official powers. They appealed to the chief justice of Peshawar High Court to take notice of the incident. They said the lawyers in Chitral were already on a strike against the judicial officer’s behaviour and if he was not transferred immediately the employees would continue the strike and launch protest demonstrations against him. It may be noted that the judge has already been made OSD on the charge of staying in a hotel in Chitral with a woman. Some people in Chitral also alleged that the corrupt C&W department officials and contractors had made a conspiracy after the judge ordered the arrest of the officials for corruption. The people of upper Chitral have long been demanding action against the officials of the C&W department for embezzling public funds. Many residents of Chitral expressed wonder why the employees of the department had decided to observe a strike against the arrests. They said if the officials were innocent, the independent courts would release them.  ]]>

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  1. The evil support the evil and the divine supports the divine.There is a folk tale in Khowar literature that, a mysterious creature gives its fur(hair) to a prince and suggests him to burn that fur, so that the mysterious creature will appear to help him in times of difficulty.perhaps the C&W department, which is notorious throughout the country for its corruption, is doing the same kind of job as the mysterious creature in Khowar literature does.It seems the fur of evil is there in the C&W department.
    It is reported in history books that when the infidel Qureish were planning to martyr the holy prophet (pbuh), before his migration to Madina, a conference was convened by the infidels to materialize this “malghun” plan. In this meeting, “Iblees” was also present in guise of “Sheikh Najadi”. On the advice of Sheikh Najadi, the Qureish decided to eliminate the holy prophet, but the superior plan of God was something else, Who protected his apostle from any harm. History suggests that Batil has always supported Batil and Haq always favours the Haq. Therefore, it is not strange the C&W corrupts support their fellow corrupts. The society should not tolerate even a minor corruption. Corrupts should be condemned even if he/she is your father, mother or sibling. A thorough investigation should be made in regards of the C&W officials. If they are wrong they must be given exemplary punishment, if it is a false allegation they should be freed with great respect.

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