MNA discusses Chitral's healthcare issues with Shifa hospital doctors

ISLAMABAD, April 3: MNA Chitral Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin held a meeting with the healthcare professionals of Shifa International Hospital Islamabad. The MNA shared his concerns regarding his constituency with Dr Abdus Salam Khan, the programme director emergency medicine at the Shifa International Hospital. iftikharHe was concerned about the dismal condition of healthcare, shortage of manpower trained to deal with healthcare issues and especially the increasing incidence of diseases such as cancer. He said that he wanted to team up with experts as wells as provincial and federal government to improve the health care in the areas which are far away and despite high literacy rate stay behind in access to quality healthcare. His concern also included efforts to alleviate scorpion bites, as well as working for dog bite prevention. Dr Abdus Salam Khan thanked the MNA for the meeting and also agreed with all the concerns shared. He explained that a healthy society works on the health care issues in multiple ways. It includes working on documenting year by year incidence and prevalence of diseases, educating people regarding preventive measures empowering the healthcare workers to deal with the diseases and bring the latest information to the healthcare community and to the general public. Dr Abdus Salam Khan offered his services to Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin and said that he is interested in measures for the prevention of disease as well as increasing the knowledge base and capacity of the health care community. He said that these measures are important for resource poor countries like Pakistan and results in better health with least money spent. Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin acknowledged the efforts of Dr Abdus Salam Khan and his team comprising doctors from Shifa International Hospital and agreed to work together to improve the heath care of people in his constituency and areas around. He asked to create a program of education and prevention in different areas of Chitral and incorporate local health care community both from government sector as well as private and non-government sectors.  ]]>

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  1. A week or two back I was one of the fortunate Chitralis to listen to our highly educated MNA Iftikhar-ud-Din, in a certain program convened in Bhittai auditorium Islamabad. First ever occasion to hear the words of the MNA I found him a confused gentleman, trying to solve the problems of Chitralis but with a little success. The only summary of his 15 minutes long speech was that he was trying to influence the policies of the government in various spheres.In the speech, he listed all the meetings which he participated in his capacity as MNA, with nothing to offer for his people. The above news seems to me as one of his meetings where he practicalised the the Persian notion of “Nishastand, Guftand, Barkhastand”. The people of the constituency of Mr. Iftikhar do not want him to narrate the minutes of his various meetings, rather, they want some tangible works on the ground.
    I suggest the highly educated MNA to show the people that you are worthy enough to be re-elected in 2018 election. Mere meetings and attending conferences and securing appointments with people will not work for you as well as for your constituency.

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