I'll resign if Chitral is not provided power from Golen Gol: MNA

CHITRAL, April 3: MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin has said the federal government has pledged to provide 30 megawatts of electricity to the Chitral town from Golen Gol hydropower project. power copyHe said he would quit his membership of assembly if the government did not fulfil its promise. Addressing the members of the town power committee at a meeting here on Thursday, he said the senior leadership of PML-N, including Abid Sher Ali, had promised to provide electricity to Chitral for its commercial as well as domestic needs keeping in view the public demands. He said the local hydropower house was also being upgraded to four megawatts from the current one MW for which the French government was providing financial assistance. Besides, work on two hydropower projects at Terich (144 MW) and Shoghore (132 MW) will also be started shortly. He said that the establishment of marble city was possible only if the required 20 megawatt electricity was made available and it was designed to create two thousand and five hundred jobs. On the other hand, leaders of the Chitral power committee, including Hayatullah Khan, Hussain Ahmed, Qari Jamshed Ahmed and others said they would continue their movement till the local consumers got electricity from the Golen Gol project after its completion next year.–Zahiruddin (Photo by GH Farooqui)]]>

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