Furniture makers protest power shortage

CHITRAL, April 2: The association of carpenters and furniture makers in Drosh registered their protest in a very unique way. protestThe transformer of Dadkhandori Market in Drosh was damaged about three weeks back due to overload. The power utility company repaired it but one phase of the transformer is still out of order. As a result, its voltage is very low and it is damaging home appliances as well as electronic machinery of the carpenters. The association said their work remained suspended due to shortage of electricity. They demanded that a new 100 KV transformer should be installed. However, their demand is yet to be fulfilled. As a result, the association set up a protest camp on the road near the furniture market with its members continuously playing cerum.  The also displayed a banner inscribed with the demand to provide them the transformer.cerum Mohammad Usman, the president of the carpenter association, told this scribe that they had requested the MPA, MNA as well as SDO Pesco but to no avail. He said not only the carpenters were badly affected but also the welding shops, mechanics and iron makers besides domestic consumers were suffering from the low voltage of electricity. Haji Sher Akbar and other social workers of the area said there was no power theft case in the area and due to non-supply of electricity Pesco also faced financial losses. Ghulam Rashid, the SDO Pesco Chitral, admitted that the demand of the carpenters and others was genuine and he would recommend their case for installation of a new 100 KV transformer. The affected carpenters said they had been playing cerumboard on the roadside as a protest and passed their time.]]>

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