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Call to lift ban on FM-97

I would like to invite your attention to the ban imposed on live transmission of FM-97, the only radio channel of Chitral. fmPolitical, social and educational circles have demanded that the ban on the legal (licensed) FM Radio channel may be lifted in the best interest of education and information for general public and youth. In a statement issued here today, retired Maj Ahmad Saeed, Dr. Inayatullah Faizi, Dr Zia Ullah and Qazi Faisal Ahmad Saeed have reminded the district administration that Hot-FM-97 is licensed under PEMRA rules. In case some material is found objectionable, it will be referred to PEMRA. The social-political circles added that two transmitters of Radio Pakistan were out of order in Chitral for the last eight months. No other Pakistani radio station has any reception here. People tune to all India Radio and Radio Kabul. FM-97 was the only channel for the people of Chitral. Bashir Hussain Azad Shahi Bazar Chitral]]>

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