Four C&W dept officers put behind bars for corruption

BOONI, April 2: The movement launched by the people of upper Chitral against rampant corruption and the demand that the judiciary should take action against the corrupt elements has finally started bearing fruits. hunger copyThe civic judge Mastuj at Booni, Rehmatullah Mehsood, put four officials – former executive engineer Najmul Hassan,  two subdivisional officers including Maqbool and accountant Nawab from Morder – behind bars for allegedly embezzling funds allocated for the Mastuj-Booni road reconstruction and taking commission in another project. The arrested officials were on Wednesday handed to the police on physical remand. Later in Chitral, their application for bail was rejected. The people of the area have formed Tehreek Haqooq-e-Awam and been holding rallies and hunger strike against the corrupt departments for misusing funds allocated for development projects. In the case of Mastuj road, the officials of the communication and works (C&W) department in collusion with the contractors were accused of misusing the funds and the reporting to the government that they had completed black topping of the road. This daylight robbery and other cases of embezzlement have angered the people of upper Chitral. While the residents were demanding that action should be taken against the corrupt, there was another startling revelation that the officials of the C&W department had even taken commission from a contractor who was building a lock-up inside the local court. When the lock-up could not be completed even after the deadline, the civil judge summoned the sub-contractor of the judicial lock-up Subhanuddin, son of Farman Dost, and asked him why the project was still not ready. The contractor spilled the beans and told the judge that the C&W department officials had taken 16 per cent commission from him, making it impossible for him to get the work completed on time. The contractor gave in writing that the officials had taken commission from him. After this, the judge put the three officials in the lock-up and on Wednesday handed them over to the police on judicial remand. Talking to ChitralToday on Wednesday, Mohammad Pervez, the secretary of the Tehreek Huqooq-e-Awam, said that the people of upper Chitral were thankful to the judge for taking prompt action against the corrupt officials. He said when the officials had not spared even the contractor of a court project anyone can imagine how they had been looting the public funds. He said that the people were united against the corrupt officials and would continue their struggle.]]>

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  1. Ashabashay……… Huqooq walan bo jam korum komian. ispa pesasu asusi. Hash tan korum kori egan kori corrupt afsaranan sf buniar daravur.Foto a asiru safantay bumbareki jam korumo bachain, pesa xhaw axar.
    The movement under manager sb Sarfaraz Ali Khan and his colleagues is doing a good job. Struggle against corruption is a supreme jihad and the huqooq movement is indeed waging a jihad. The inhabitants of the area should join hand in their struggle to eliminate the heinous crime. General puplic, especially the youth are instrumental in nibbing this evil in the bud, as Kurt Cobain says, “the duty of youth is to challenge corruption”.
    We are ready to join hands with the movement in the noble cause of eliminating corruption and bringing the nation to a status as envisaged by the founder of the nation.Quaid e Azam wrote in a letter to Isphahani on May 6, 1946, and i quote, “Corruption is a curse.Corruption is a curse in India and amongst the so called educated and intelligentia. Unfortunately, it is this class that is selfish and morally and intellectually corrupt. No doubt this disease is common, but amongst this particular class of Muslims it is rampant “. The current news of the C& W official is a glaring testimony to the saying of the father of the nation.
    Huqooq movement that should be the spirit, keep it up, we are with you.Elimination is inevitable for the smooth functiong of a democratic society. As Mahatama Ghandhi says, “Corruption and hypocrisy ought not to be inevitable products of democracy, as they undoubtedly are today “. We need to strengthen our democratic culture by fighting against all sorts of corrupt elements in all spheres of life.Power should not be given to the corrupt, as Frank Herbert says, “Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolute corruptible”. The movement needs to extend its influence in all departments of the state not only the C& W. It must be a watch dog on political institutions as well.

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