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ATMs becoming popular in Chitral

DROSH, April 1: A large number of people wait outside the ATM (automated teller machine) both of the Habib Bank Limited (HBL) branch in the Drosh town of Chitral for their turn to draw cash. atmThe facility of ATM is quite new in Chitral and there are still a very few banks who have installed the machine. In Drosh, the ATM was introduced about a month back. Since then, there has been a big rush of people using the ATM. Most of the people reach at the ATM booth early in the morning and the rush can be seen almost throughout the day. It may be noted that accounts holders of all banks can draw money from the ATM through the one-link facility. Besides, those possessing the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) cards can also use the facility and draw their monthly stipend. This has helped a large number of people to withdraw the money directly from the bank instead of waiting for its delivery by post or by other people. The introduction of ATM in Drosh has helped the residents to draw money any time without going through the routine hassle.—Abbas Chitrali  ]]>

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