Time to take a stance

Actions speak louder than words. For the past many years, in my opinion, our leaders have miserably failed to address the challenges that Chitralis are facing on a daily basis. Millions of rupees have been announced for various projects and for some reason, the money continues to be mishandled or a few are using the resources for personal gain. We have yet to identify a sincere leader who really cares about the people. Corrupt practices are really on the raise despite the genuine efforts of many.It unfortunate that a few leaders are trying to divide the region by playing dirty politics. Some leaders make so many promises before the election which soon after disappear! This has really shaken the confidence of the region and its people to collectively work towards building a better region (impartiality, fair and equal access, improving quality of life, financial viability/opportunities, improved educational systems including options for gender neutral post secondary education, etc.) Often, people feel compelled to engage in the corrupt practices as it seems to be their only means of advancing. I think it is the time where the whole region needs to be united and strategizes the course on who can represent them and be an honest leader. This can only be achieved after conducting background checks and analyzing past practices of leaders, their financial accountability and their successes in relation to promised campaign goals. It’s all about holding people accountable! To advance, Chitralis need to choose a leader who is vested in making changes and bettering the region, who knows the pain and suffering of the people (empathetic), who understands the imminent danger people face on daily basis due to lack of access to education, poor road infrastructure, and insufficient health care facilities. The recent tragedy in the Roni area is a prime example where two siblings lost their lives due to poor road conditions. This incident was reported on ChitralToday on March 18th, which could have easily been avoided if there were proper road or access to better transportation. Since students have no choice or adequate access to get to their schools, so the put their lives on the line in order to advance their learning. I don’t know how many more precious lives we have to sacrifice before the wake up call. My sincere sympathies are with the family and May Allah rest the departed souls ineternal peace and give patience, courage and strength to the bereaved families to bear this irreparable loss. This is a time of revolution where each one of us has a responsibility to build this region by doing what we can on an individual basis as well as community. After all, the vote of who we elect is in our hands! We need to develop one voice – ways that will unite us rather than divide the region. As a community or a region we must empower ourselves and take ownership in public discourse. By doing so, we can eliminate many of the avoidable challenges. The search of sincere leader continues!  ]]>

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