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Students protest arrest of colleagues

CHITRAL, March 29: Students of Degree College Chitral protested against the arrest of their colleagues. According to the principal of the college, attendance of some students was below 20% and according to rules their examination forms could not be forwarded to the university and the names of the students was marked as absent in the exam. He said that some student leaders protested against this and blocked the road. But principal said those who were arrested by the police were not nominated by the college administration. Maqsood Ali, a student leader, alleged that some police employees were also studying in the college as regular students by fake names. A student cannot perform his official duty with his regular study. The students alleged that the college had sent a fake attendance report and deprived of their right to sit in the exam. The district police officer could not be contacted for his version on the matter.—GH Farooqui]]>

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