Religion: A solution


By Owais Iqbal ul Mulk Indeed, no religion in the world promotes corruption, hatred, oppression, and warfare. It’s the misconceptions and selfishness of the people which lead to them. Sometimes the impacts of these behaviours are so intense which ultimately result in catastrophes upon the society in different forms. Why is that so? How the religion is a solution? If we have such crystal clear frameworks of religion for every unwanted consequence, why we are unable to achieve the desirable? Apparently, no man is bad by nature; it’s the society that assigns those attributes. In fact, there is nothing as ‘nature’ in a man except his body parts and their biological mechanism rather there are behaviours. Behaviours are learned and are adoptive. Nobody is born with a suicide vest to carry out a bomb blast; he has been trained that way later. No person is a thief by birth; he adopts the occupation from the people around him. Similarly, we can go on and on. Somewhere, somehow, we are unable to conceive the broader conception of the religion. Most of the practices of religion are merely hereditary and not practical in any sense. A child who is brought up in such an environment is more likely to be peculiarly fanatic throughout his life. No matter if the misapprehensions are of smaller or a larger degree, it adversely affects the psychology of the individuals. The religion needs to be properly directed to the people in the way it is needed. Giving a cough syrup to a person, who is a heart patient, is not a solution. Similarly, advocating on how to perform worship, when a man is going to kill somebody, doesn’t make any sense. The experts of religion must coincide on every aspect and issue. For that they need to be unbiased while studying facts. Likewise, there must not be any sects inside the religion and they need to be merged by clearing all the misconceptions. Because, a distinct approach to the religion can rescue the people and confusion erodes their minds. The approach towards certain things should be practical, not merely clichés. Why not to steal? Because God forbids it. Why not to steal? Because you are getting benefit at the cost of others which is not acceptable to God. The two answers to the same question are having different impacts on a person or a child’s mind. In a sense, the second answer can be easily perceived and has a positive effect. Moreover, there is a kind of dislike between the legal experts and the laymen which mainly rises due to the offensive attitude of either of the parties. It certainly creates animosity. On the contrary, a friendly approach is always fruitful. Forcing someone to act in a particular way is not a solution but rather creates problems. In the end, it depends on us how we take it and adjust our behaviors accordingly. After considering all the measures, it is us who can make a religion a solution. The religion doesn’t create boundaries, the religion doesn’t advocate hatred, the religion doesn’t encourage massacre, and the religion doesn’t teach thievery; the people with a little knowledge of the religion execute them. Owais Iqbal ul Mulk is student at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).]]>

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