Pneumonia deaths: KPHP chief passes the buck to AKHS

CHITRAL: The District Support Manager of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Healthcare Programme (KPHP) in Chitral Colonel (retired) Dr. Fazle Rahim here on Friday rejected all the press reports which held the KPH responsible for the neonatal and infant deaths in Khot valley. SONY DSCTalking to the local media in his office on Friday, he said the Aga Khan Health Service was also responsible for the death as it ran the rural health centre in Shagram and a maternity home at Khot valley. He said certain quarters were out to malign the KPH for their nefarious ends and were trying to defaming the organization which had no element truth. He said that all the fourteen deaths occurred in four months ranging from the months of December to March while out of them three neonatal died in the maternity home of Aga Khan Health Service. Dr. Fazle Rahim said the one death each was reported in the months of December and January, five in February and seven in the month of March. He said that it was quite unfair to hold the KPHP wholly responsible for the deaths in Khot valley while the fact was that the doctor was posted in the basic health unit of Khot while medicines were also available in large quantity in the hospital. The DSM said the news of the outbreak of pneumonia was also not true as portrayed in the press while a very few affected children were brought to the hospital for treatment. The manager finance, Assadullah, was also present on the occasion.]]>

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