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What is the justification for criticizing NTS?

There is a severe criticism of the PTI provincial government in Chitral for making NTS mandatory for the selection of teachers in different cadres. ntsThese people have started a hue and cry over the move on the ground that there were some cases of mismanagement in the recent tests. I ask these people were they in hibernation when jobs were sold by the previous government? Their concern about mismanagement in the test is worthy but their demand for annulment of the test results and replacement of NTS by the obsolete system of the previous government is not praiseworthy. The PTI government is not to be arraigned for these minor cases because it is an audacious step for selection of teachers and improvement of education department’s working. It was the first attempt to improve the decrepit system and there were many barricades for a tyro government to deal with the problem. The result of the test shows that this mismanagement did not affect the efficiency of the test because those students are on the top lists that have a brilliant academic record and most of them are position holders of different universities. In the previous CSS test, there was a case of mismanagement, so minor cases are indispensable and we have to try to overcome them but not to blame the whole system which is intended to make selection purely on merit. The second thing is that almost all departments of Pakistan (as state bank and defense ministry) recruit employees through NTS and there is no doubt about the credibility of the service. We are responsible for these cases rather than NTS. In examination of SSC, HSSC and even in colleges’ usage of unfair means in rampant and we are responsible for that, not the government. The condition of examination in AIOU is also shameful. Now these people want to apply it in NTS. The NTS cannot import people from abroad for supervision but the local people. So it is our responsibility to get to core of the problem and perform our duties sincerely. Government does its is best for betterment for education department by making monitoring units, these monitoring assistants will expose the black wolves in education department. And I anticipate that we will get competent teachers under the auspices of KPK government. Karam Illahi Chitral]]>

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