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SC puts off PTI's plea for re-election in whole PK-90

ISLAMABAD, March 26: The two archrivals – Ghulam Muhammad and Sardar Hussain – with the common agenda of re-polling in seven polling stations in PK-90, had the last laugh when the Supreme Court did not give much importance to an application moved by a local leader of PTI Chitral for a stay order against the April 13 re-polling on Wednesday. scourtThe re-polling in the seven controversial polling stations of PK-90 (Chitral II) is hardly two weeks away as Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is all set to transport the ballots papers. The PTI was, however, optimistic to delay the polls. But the apex court adjourned the hearing of the application moved by Rehmat Ghazi, a PTI candidate for PK-90 in the last year general elections, after ordering that all the contenders should be issued notices. The bench expressed annoyance after it was informed that it had only issued notices to only two candidates – Ghulam Muhammad and Sardar Hussain. The reason for not issuing notice to other contenders could not be ascertained. However, the court did not fix the date for the next hearing of the matter. The ECP spokesman Khurshid Alam told ChitralToday that any delay in the already announced re-election in the seven polling stations was next to impossible as all the arrangements had been made. He further stated that the commission had placed an order for printing of the ballot papers which will be completed within a day or two, adding then the election materials will be handed over to the district returning officers (DRO) to proceed with the gigantic task. To a question, he said it’s too late for those who want to delay the polls despite knowing enough time has been wasted. According to him, the ECP will also appraise the apex court about the preparations and the problems being faced the people of the areas due to absence of any representative at the time of the hearing of the stay order application.  ]]>

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