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Noise sense to be sensed

Until a step taken to see what was the step and what were its effects in society in terms of change, whole societal change can’t be manifested. Same case is the case with an idea with its practical expressions that can’t be gauged unless its centripetal and centrifugal forces are practicalised to achieve the set targets. Both institutions and individuals are praised sometimes for positives and criticized for negatives simultaneously rather to take one direction. It is important to understand that most of the time it has been seen that individuals are found to regress the institutional capacity to deliver and jurisdiction to work rather than Institutions per se. It is important to acknowledge being rational and realistic in describing some ground realities as some writers in Chitral have been doing to abridge and fathom on unrealistically and expressing rhetoricism which doesn’t suits at least with writer: has a key role in opinion making. Though, some national and even International writers’ term Pakistani media which was sanctioned to operate 12 years ago-immature and sensational observing the media hype in Pakistan; but credit must be given to media in Chitral for giving information, breaking news round the clock and providing space for expression which is the fundamental right under the constitution of Pakistan. It is up to every individual to draw her/s own logical conclusion from the facts and figures rather to rely on fabrications which are generated to curry The role of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government and its policies with regard to services for people in the province after coming into power is important to critique. But it would remain unresolved point on the role of government’s support for dialogue with TTP which is a separating line between the people having rightist and leftist orientations and their support to the party/ parties on this ideological parameter which has no basis but have had tacit approval for before May 2013 election. Since the tribulations on Lawari pass now Lowari tunnel are close to be wrapped out of the problems the Chitrali’s have been facing two days a week in Lowari Top this year which was three days a week in previous government’s tenure. Today local media also reported federal government’s allocation of one billion and interest of the government on the problems the people of Chitral are facing in Lowari top. It is likely that this issue will be repeated with contexts, occurring in Chitral in coming days and be a point to raise point, hence, let it be there because of its nature. Notwithstanding, the above variables the present government (PTI )in KPK first time introduced a system of examination under National Testing Service (NTS) which has credence to hold standardized examination pattern with transparent mechanism to make papers, conduct examinations and declare results with computing technology. Present government changed the examination system giving task to NTS for conducting subject-based tests for the 14 thousands vacant posts in education department. Was it the fault of present government to introduce a system which has credentials in Pakistan for standard and transparency and the people who conducted it? For the former obviously, No and for latter probably, yes. Here it should be remembered that neither government nor the service providing organization to the extent is responsible for what reportedly happened during the test in Chitral. It was also a good step of government to sanction examination centre in Chitral for advertised posts in which more than five thousands applicants availed the opportunity to sit in examination with least tribulations and minimum expenses on it. The present government is hailed for giving minority community of Chital-Kalash community; a representation by appointing Wazir Zada as chief minister’s advisor on minorities in the province and nominating Ms.Fauzia Bibi an MPA on women reserved seat first time from Chitral. It is pertinent to mention that the government in the province reserved main chunk of budget for education and declared to complete the required teachers in the province before the start of new academic year. But getting the process late is due to controversy on using unfair means during exams as reported in media in one hand and sifting the suitable candidates amongst thousands on the other. Important it is also that time will tell who was responsible for and what were the causes on which government will likely hold an investigation and also expose where the shoe pinches? Recently the vacant positions of teachers for colleges for two years contract were also advertised and their services has been conditioned with performance on the given form with a very purpose of good performance during service. The present government in the province will also be credited for appointing thousands on different positions to improve the departmental performance particularly educational department in one hand and tackling rising unemployment on the other. The present KP government has also introduced ‘health justice’ in the province. In its initial cycle it may cover 10 districts: Chitral, Nowshera, Abbotabad, Bannu, Swabi, Malakand, Laki Marwat, Karak, Shangla, Dir upper to provide financial support and free medicines to expecting women during pregnancy. It has also been seen in the district that both District government and different departments found active in their works for providing due amenities which was also strengthened by making some transfers to minimize favour in offices and places of duty, to the people during present government. The change can be brought about only by bringing change in the existing system but this change demands changing rejoinder to tackle with. The government must be ready for, with alternative plan to respond. It suits logical that ‘not everything that is profitable is of social value and not everything of social value is profitable’ as John T Harvey had quoted in Forbes publication to be the sole criterion of running the business of government which returns what a government expects from. alhajAlhaj Muhamamd Khan is a teacher and freelance journalist based in Chitral.]]>

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