DC's raid on exam centres with armed guards terrorize students

ISLAMABAD, March 26: On the first day of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) annual examination, students in the Chitral town came out of the halls terrorized. dcThe students, requesting anonymity, accused Deputy Commissioner Chitral Mohammad Shoaib Jadoon of harassing them with the help of armed personnel of the Border Security Police during a random inspection of the examination halls. The students told ChitralToday over phone that the DC raided the examination halls along with gun-totting personnel of the border police, creating panic among the students as well as their teachers. According to the students and their teachers, the DC raided the halls of the Government Centennial Model High School Chitral and two other schools in the town taking along the armed border police men. They also claimed that the deputy commissioner, a CSS officer of the Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) previously known as the District Management Group (DMG), behaved with the students in such a way as the children were criminals. The teachers stated that some students even could not attempt their papers while some left the halls in the middle after the DC ordered his bodyguards to conduct body search of all the candidates.DC4 copy “I cannot understand what the DC wanted to get through the body search of the students with the help of his bodyguards who are not even allowed inside the examination halls,” complained a perturbed teacher. The concerned parents and teachers along with the students criticized the deputy commissioner for turning the examination halls into a fish market by conducting unauthorized and unnecessary raids. Another parent said his son was really tensed when he came out of the examination as he could not attempt the whole paper due to the raid. The deputy commissioner could not be contacted for comments on the allegations.]]>

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  1. This incident should be an eye opener for the teachers. I’m sure things must have exceeded limits to warrant such an action. It is most unfortunate that cheating has become an accepted norm and teachers (with apologies to the noble few) consider it their privilege to allow students to cheat in exams. A student who is ‘educated’ through cheating will become a liability rather than an asset for the society. Subjects of ‘moral science’ and ‘character building’ should be introduced in schools and religious preachers should stress on the moral aspect of cheating.

  2. it’s against the rule because no one, even a prime minster, can enter an examination hall with guns. Strict action should be taken against DC Chitral for such a shameful act. It is also the weakness of the teachers to allow the guards inside the examination hall. Secondly, the teachers should take strict measures to stop cheating so that outsiders should have no excuse to intervene in their work.

  3. Had the teachers and students thought about maintaining the decorum of the examination halls by not resorting to cheating and use of unfair means or getting supply of materials from outside, I would have protested the DC’s intrusion into the halls with armed guards. So, here I fully support him and request him to use all available force in his domain to bring some order to the exam halls which have become dens of corruption and cheating. Here I will blame the teachers not the students because they are the ones who allow the pupils to use unfair means and even provide them the materials. Well done DC and go ahead against these cheaters and their supporters. I would have been happy had the DC sent some of the teachers to jail for corrupting the education system.

    1. I fully agree with Nadir Khan. Any body who takes bold though maybe unpopular decisions/actions against corruption of any sort, whether in the examination halls, government offices or any other place has my moral support.

      1. That we oppose the way DC saab has intervened does not mean we favour cheating. I do not object to ‘what’ the DC has done; ‘how’ he has done is what disturbs me. Worse, the photos of the raid have been uploaded on Facebook, which is tantamount to killing the self-esteem of those students. ‘Naiki kar darya may daal.’ No doubt DC saab did the ‘Naiki’ but put it on Facebook and slaughtered the self esteem of those poor students. Even a criminal is entitled to regard and protection of some basic human rights, and self esteem is one of them. It would have been far better had the DC saab taken strict action against the teachers on duty (the cheating facilitators) and stood by it than terrorizing the students. It needs no rocket sense to understand the extent the ‘armed raid’ might have terrified and disturbed them. I will share a photo of the raid with this site, and request the editor to upload it. The faces of the students tell everything. The “How he has done it” has violated the “What he has done.” A CSP DC behaving like an illiterate ‘hawaldaar.’

  4. The provincial government of PTI should suspend the unbridled DC Chitral for the uncalled act of terrorizing the students inside the examination halls. He must be brought to book so that nobody could dare to disturb the candidates in future in such a way. The said paper must re examined as it is quite injustice with the students appearing from the centres.

  5. Yes,absolutely uncalled for. Our respected baboos better mind their own business. Let the education department rectify the loopholes prevalent in our examination system. We would be grateful if the upcoming jashn e Chitral is held transparently.

  6. Very disturbing indeed. Being a teacher and having an experience of exam duties in down-country districts I very well know how exams are conducted there. It would have been far better had the DC sab focused on the things of more serious concern that lie in his domain, like ‘the always under-construction’ bypass road, halting mini projects and self set prices on commodities by Dukandars than ‘terrorizing’ poor students.

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