We're recognized by our culture, says Chitrali poet

KARACHI, March 25: Chitral is our identity and our languages and culture teache us the lesson of brotherhood, peace and love. poet copyChitralis are recognized by their sincerity, love and brotherhood, said Said Nawaz Tanha, a poet from the Madaklasht valley of Chitral. He was speaking at a programme organized by the Chitral Student and Social Welfare Association for their volunteers and social workers here. Mr Tanha said though Khowar language was not spoken in Madaklasht valley but he loved and respected Khowar and had started translating Khowar ghazals and poems into Persian, which is spoken in the valley. He said his work was being well appreciated by the youth of Madaklasht. The CSSWA is a united platform of Chitrali students and it’s the duty of all Chitralis to provide technical support to association, he added. The programme was organized by the CSSWA for their members who have been providing generous services to the youth of Chitral. They were presented shields and certificates of their devoted services. Addressing the participant s, Mr. Hazratuddin (chief guest) said we are lucky that we have such type of platform like CSSWA and in the decade of 1980 Chitralis came to Karachi they never thought about such type of facilities which CSSWA is providing to students and it’s the time which we should cooperate with CSSWA to achieve the goals and targets. A group of Chitrali singers including Mr. Afsar Ali Tabbasum and Nasirud Din Hamraz performed Chitrali music along with Nazir Shah. In his welcome speech, the general secretary CSSWA Mr. Ali Fateh Khan said that we are committed to presenting the message to the world from the land of peace through such festivals music programmes. At the end of the programme, the chief guest distributed shields and certificates among the volunteers. Haji Qayum Lal, Mr. Sher Ayub, Mr. Qurban Khan and others were also present.]]>

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