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Garam Chashma road still blocked

CHITRAL, March 26: The only road linking the Garam Chashma valley with other parts of Chitral could not be opened even after nine days. The road was blocked due to the heavy rain and snowfall followed by landslides and avalanches. The residents of the area here said that five days back three or four labourers were seen working on the reopening of the road at Payeen but even today they were their along with their centuries-old tools without any progress on the work. They also said that a bulldozer being used to clear the road was removed and sent to upper Chitral. Another bulldozer remained un-utilized on the Garam Chashma road. The residents said that MPA Saleem Khan, who also belongs to the same area, had adopted the policy of not-talking anything or he was not being listended to by those in the corridors of power. They regretted that the situationw as so grim that people were forced to carry the bodies of their near and dear ones on shoulders for hours while students were unable to go to schools. Life has become paralyzed in the valley, they added.—Nazir Hussain]]>

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