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Pakistan Day: students reflect on the faultlines

BOONI, March 23: The government degree colleges for boys and girls Booni separately celebrated Pakistan Day with national fervour and pomp on Sunday.

The celebration at GDC Booni (Boys) was presided over by Principal Sahibur Rehman accompanied by ADO Sharafuddin, ADO Kamaluddin, Noor Saba, Niamatullah, Principal Sardar Hakim Khan, Prof. Shafiur Rehman, Manager Shah Abul Mansoor, Prof. Khalilur Rehman. AC Mastuj Minhasuddin was the chief guest on the occasion.

A student of GHS Kosht while delivering a speech on 23rd March made everyone ponder how we are contributing for the development of this country and what our leaders had sacrificed for it. Another student while speaking on ‘Pakistan in the light of its strategic location’ said ‘Pakistan is located in the centre of Asia, bordering with world powers and having nuclear capability. But the country still lags behind in literacy and higher education.

After a Khowar national song, chairman CHEPS Rehmat Jaffar Dost termed both students and teachers change agents and appealed to them contribute something for this country. “This is not the fault of Pakistan but it is the people who ruin and malign the country for their own interests,” he added. Protecting the climate everyone has to plant a sapling because this year Navroz festival was celebrated in the world as Forest Day since a tree has the capacity to provide oxygen for 60 people, he added. A student of GDC Booni spoke on ‘student and education’ and said that ‘there is no dearth of talent in Pakistan but the lack of hard work has pushed us back.

“Our Quaid had rejuvenated youth of his time to commit for. Islam demands humility, compassion, dignity, justice and peace, and saving one life is equivalent to safe humanity.” In a carpet, combination of different colours represents a perfect picture, said a student of Pamir School and College Booni while speaking on the topic of ‘Islam – a religion of peace.’ A group of students beautifully dramatized the rumour of falling Malaysian plane in Booni Gol. ‘Once the suppressed Muslims of subcontinent saw a ray of hope for future, galloped towards it with tempo under the leadership of Jinnah and achieved it,” a student of GDC Booni said while speaking on ‘Pakistan Resolution and struggle for Pakistan’.

While speaking on the occasion, Prof. Shafur Rehman said when one opens eyes, they find a pile of obstacles. Instead of understanding the spirit of Islam, we just look at it by dividing on sectarian lines. But I am confident that youth sitting in front of me today will bring a change. He concluded with the poetry ‘Zindan Ki Aik Sham’of Faiz Ahmad Faiz’. ‘The injustice one does and blames Pakistan for is the big injustice of its kind. We need to discourage the cliché ‘it goes on in Pakistan’ said the chief guest.

While speaking about the greenery and the beauty of the college, he also said a water pump had been sanctioned for the institution. He thanked private and public schools, students, teachers, AKRSP, BLSO and the traffic police for their support to make is a success. In his presidential address, Principal GHS Booni Sahibur Rrehman said ‘the essence of education was to learn and shift values to future generation. Today is a good day to commit for moving forward for the best of the country’. he also thanked Tehsil, College administration, AKRSP and all those who contributed and participated on the occasion.

The event concluded with the distribution of trophies, shields and certificates to all participants and schools. Zahiruddin Baber and Meraj Ahmad, two paragliders belonging to Booni, give celebration a new zeal by diving from Qaqlasht with the flag of Pakistan and landing in the playground of the college.

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