Are we the true ambassadors of Chitral?

It is shameful that some people are making fuss over nothing. Sometimes we use social media for the purpose of the good of the people but sometimes it is used, nay, we foolishly use it for bad purposes. Especially, we – Chitralis – always use thing without knowing what will be the consequences. I don’t know whether we are innocent, foolish or ignorant people. We are the ambassadors of Chitral but sometimes we misuse it. Today one of our Chitrali friends posted something very controversial related to the girls, nay daughters of Chitral. By Chitral it means they are the sisters or daughters of any individual of Chitral. I don’t know how a student, someone educated, could do such a foolish thing with the honor of Chitral. The problem with the youth, nowadays, is we do not mind our own business. We interfere with the problems or issues of others. If we look within ourselves we can find how corrupt we ourselves are? We, being men, think that whatever we feel, whatever we think, whatever we act, and whatever we dictate is perfect. While what the women (the oppressed creature on earth) feel, think or act can’t be right, because they can’t think or they aren’t as intelligent as men are? What’s the point in it? Is it right? Does Islam teach us this? Are these the values taught us by Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) and our elders? Where we are going and where will this attitude lead us? Students, whether male or female, who come to university are mature people. They know what is right and what is wrong. If they do not understand the difference between right and wrong, it’s the fault of their parents or their schooling or the environment in which they have been brought up. I am not favoring anyone, any individual, nor am I against any boy or girl. The point is, no one has the authority to dictate anyone. Is it right, being a boy I can do anything – good or bad – because I am a boy. Being a boy I can drink, can make an affair with lots of girls, while a girl has to veil herself all the time, she can’t speak to anyone, BECAUSE she is a GIRL – an oppressed creature. Chitrali boys and girls studying in universities are the ambassadors of Chitral. They are in the institutions to represent our culture. It is our duty to represent our culture with honesty, dignity and loyalty. Some do it loyally while others fail to do so. But the point is: is it only the class of girls to be blamed? Why do we always make fuss over the issues related to girls? Boys too, involve in bad deeds, but, we never mention that. Why? Is it because girls are weak and boys are strong? I am not favoring girls or boys. The point is: We must think before we speak. In universities, it’s the class of boys, belonging to Chitral, who are involved in unethical deeds. When we come to university we forget our values. We start smoking. We become addicted to different kind of drugs. Our students start drinking alcohol and feel proud, saying it’s a part of our culture. And we try to represent our culture through cultural nights, but fail. Why? Because some of our friends try to represent our culture by drinking alcohol and they piss in front of the audience and thus it creates a mess and fight starts, so, we fail to represent our culture. While talking about things like these, I feel ashamed, because, being a boy—strong creature – we, the boys fail to represent our culture. But the girls, being the weaker ones, sometimes, do such things that a boy from Chitral can’t even imagine to do so. Being the stronger one, we have made a mindset that the only purpose of our life is to look for a chance to see the fault of a girl and make a fuss over it. But, if someone favors girls, and points out the fault of a boy, we would say: oh we are boys BUT they are girls. It’s our duty to protect them. Protection! Are we protecting them or are we making them prisoners or are we trying to show them our power and let them know how Boys are STRONGER than the girls? ehteshamIhtisham Ur Rehman is a student at the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI).]]>

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  1. The writer has brought forward a genuine issue related to the Chitrali students. In my humble opinion the students who are entering the Universities these days are not very mature and equipped enough to take on the freedom and independence of university life. I have seen some students from very strict families have resorted to use of drugs and hashish in the campuses for the purpose of seeking adventure. Parents also need to keep a vigil look for their children whilst they are away from them, they should discuss their issues and their progress with them. It is not enough for the parents to sent them to universities and pay their fees rather they should be involved in their academic progress.
    In some of the universities there are tutors and counselors who take time to discuss issues with the students and the Student Unions are very active in helping the students. Our apathy is that the student unions are wasting the precious time and resources of the students and does not help the students to resolve their problems. In the recent Chitral student elections we have seen students grouping against each other on ethnic/qoumi and sectarian lines which in very early stages influencing their little brains.

  2. Aman tu sirif chitral may hay puri dunya kay samnay.. Magar afsus bazi intiha pasnd anasir firqawarana tghassup pheyla kar chitral may bat amni pheyla rayhay han.. Mayrey bahiyo unkay khilaf ungli bulan karo…chitral ko salam…

  3. Tan gerdani Zanjeero no loli khoro gerdani drowo Tana. This sentence says it all about these CRACKHEADS who believe that it’s their religious duty to interfere in others’ personnel life. What a shame! Such people will never change! It’s something they carry on from their elders! Like it’s been said “Shoom royo loo bo shoom aloko be”.

  4. I appreciate the article written by Mr. Ehtesham Ur Rehman. It seems and I have observed that we Chitralis are becoming irresponsible and losing our social and Islamic values day by day. I don’t know about the result of these baseless approaches. There is a big challenge for us to maintain and retain the good image of Chitralis which is developed by our forefathers. Despite that it seems that we are losing our social and Islamic values day by day which lead to division amongst us and promote regionalism and bigotry. I would request to social media operators to take responsibility, discourage and avoid publishing these types of information, articles and other materials against any individuals and organizations without reaching to the reality.

  5. I strongly appreciate the above post. There is serious need for the Chitrali youth to change their way of thinking, especially the boys attitude towards girls. We have observed (observing) Chitrali boys behaving in such a way that sometimes personally feel shame about being a boy, just because some boys (not all) represent boys character badly (or I must use worst).
    Another important point as mentioned in the post “No one has got the authority of dictation”. I believe that instead of pointing others we must try to correct ourselves. We should act and react positively. This is the main and serious problem the negativity of thinking, and, then reacting without rational observation.
    Lastly, when discussing any issue as being a literate one, we should maintain coolness, positivity, neutrality, peace and respect. These must be our values as being educated or educating or should I say as a human.
    At the end;
    “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper.”

  6. Bat To sach ha laken bat ha Ruswaye ke…. Hum ma se hr 1 dosron k uper ungleyan uthata pher raha ha apne Gareban ma koi jhankne ko tayar nahe… or yahe hamara sub se bala almeya ha…

  7. Every person particularly educated people are bound to follow certain rules of their culture. Now if someone is opposing such rules it is the most responsibility of every individual to criticize such irrelevant actions. Education doesn’t means to accept illegal things neither we can ignore nor we have to defend such issues. It’s our society only we can make it and perish it ourselves. Truth is always bitter and it can’t be change until we change our ideas. But there is a way of criticism if our objective is to target someone personally it is invalid it should have enlightenment for the people. Now the facebook tradition is being used for propaganda, targeting, useless debates and blaming each others mostly our Chitrali peoples. Our social values are no more safe our image is going down.

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