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Butchers in Chitral given tips on hygiene

CHITRAL, March 21:  A day-long training workshop was organized for butchers, livestock traders and poultry sellers here. The objective of the training programme, organized by Relief International, was to raise awareness about zonosis and bio-safety measures to ensure healthy and hygienic meat to the consumers.

Veterinary Dr. Muhammad Tayab, Dr. Arshad and Dr Sheikh Ahmad highlighted zonotic disease which is transmitted from animals to humans and from humans to animals. They said butchers, poultry sellers and livestock traders were invited in the training programme to sensitize them to adopt precautionary measures so as to save human life from zonotic disease.

Another 10-day training event will be organized for livestock professionals to create awareness regarding zonotic disease among the masses especially women. The experts said there were common diseases like TB, bird flu, rabies and anthrax etc which can easily transfer from each other even from animal to human. They asked stakeholders to take proper precautionary measures before going near cattle to save themselves from zonotic diseases.

Some butchers complained against the TMA for failing to establish a slaughter house or a meat market in Chitral. As a result, they added, animal waste ended up in the river contaminating its water.–Gul Hamaad Farooqi

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