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American trophy hunter fails to reach Chitral

CHITRAL, March 19: An American hunter could not arrive in Chitral on a chartered flight due to the inclement weather to hunt a markhor for which he had paid $1.13 million. Divisional forest officer wildlife division, Chitral, Imtiaz Hussain said the American had obtained a hunting permit to hunt a Kashmir markhor in the Toshi Shasha conservancy. He said that the widespread rains in the valley for over five days made it impossible for the American even to wait as he was short of time and had to hasten back home. The hunting will be rescheduled as per programme of the permit holder in next month while there are also chances that it may be cancelled due to his engagements and it can be a great loss to the local population, he said. He said that another American had hunted a markhor in the same conservancy last month but failed to hunt a Himalayan ibex at Agram Gol area of Karimabad valley. He said that 80 percent of the amount of permit fee goes to the local community who utilized it for their rural development project through their respective village conservation committees (VCCs).–Zahiruddin]]>

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