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DFO says no markhor illegally hunted in Chitral

CHITRAL, March 13: With reference to the news report published in ChitralToday ( on March 11, 2013, captioned “Poor markhor and the hungry mighty guards”, Mr Imtiaz Hussain, the divisional forest officer (DFO) wildlife division Chitral has issued the following clarification: MarkhorIt is clarified that the hype created through the above report by Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad is nothing more than to gain cheap fame. In fact, Mr. Tamzeez Uddin S/O Sareer Uddin, a resident of Shah Colony Kanal Town House No. 1-G, Street No. 10, tehsil and district Peshawar, had hunted one Ibex at Golen Valley Community Game Reserve on 07-03-2014 under valid permit issued by the Chief Conservator Wildlife Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar vide Permit No. 04/WLC, dated 30-01-2013 and a dinner was hosted by the said legal hunter at PTDC Motel Chitral on 9-3-2014 and the meat of the same legally hunted Ibex was served to the invited guests as per his written statement dated 13-3-2014 on record with this office. It was the meat of Ibex of Golen valley not of allegedly illegally hunted Markhor of Birmogh Lasht. As regard comments made by one Nargis Jabeen is concerned that is quite baseless allegation against a responsible government institution and the wording of the comments “A native of Lotkoh valley Sin village called Prince invites millionaires of other areas to hunt Wild goats without any legal permit” is not only vague and ambiguous but what she wants to say is beyond comprehension. Actually legal hunt of Markhor is conducted by foreign trophy hunter annually in Tooshi-Shasha and Gahiret-Golen markhor conservancies after selling permit of the same hunt through open bidding dully advertised in national press. This office seeks cooperation of the honorable lady to share information about another group of two men in Shah Salim Pass involved in illegal hunting of Ibex to book the offenders under the law. Read the original story here:]]>

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