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Poor markhor and the hungry 'mighty guards!'

ISLAMABAD, March 10: While there are tall claims about the preservation of the endangered markhor in Chitral by the wildlife department, top government officials administering the affairs of the district have been accused of hunting the animal illegally and holding parties to eat its meat in groups with bonfire and traditional dance.   SONY DSCAnd like the poor animal, the poor Chitralis seemed to be just hapless bystanders. A source who attended a similar musical night at PTDC Motel in Chitral attended by the top district baboos as well as the sheepish guards of the wildlife department told ChitralToday that the item of attraction on the menu of the night was the meat of the freshly hunted markhor. The mouth-watering treat was fully enjoyed with the sour meat of the illegally hunted markhor in connivance with the so-called saviour of the wildlife. The sources, who declined to be named and claimed of enjoying the occasion in presence of the top district managers, said the markhor was specially hunted by a senior government official to hold the gathering. The snowfall in Chitral with clouds hovering over the valley makes it the most serene occasion for hunting ducks and when you find a markhor, especially with all the praise mongers around you, it just makes a man crazy. And this is what exactly happened on Sunday night at the PTDC motel when the top district baboos stole the show in the lust of their tiny powers in a small district where nobody dares challenge them. How unfortunate and disgusting is the attitude of these officials who knowingly killed a rare species in order to fulfil their hunger for enjoyment. The mountains of Birmoghlast must shed tears when another inhabitant was taken away from them by none other than those deputed to protect the rare specie. The poaching of markhor is nothing new as there have been numerous such incidents in the past. But this time, a special party was arranged intentionally by the top officials believed to be the guardians of the law. The menace of corruption has eroded society to such an extent that even people who are thought to be the law abiding citizens break it with great pride. This very example of poaching speaks volume of morally corrupt officers who are supposed to be the role model for the society. A thorough investigation should be immediately initiated to bring the facts to the limelight. The corrupt officers of the wildlife department must be reined in as it tantamount to disgracing the people of the area. If the practice of serving markhor meat to the VIPs continued by some unscrupulous elements to gain favours, the day is not far when we will only see the horn of the Kashmiri markhor in the drawing rooms of the baboos – a stitch in time saves nine.  ]]>

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  1. Kamran Hussain says

    @Mansoor Ahmed: The reality has been explained by the worthy DFO that the license was issued to an official of an intelligence agency. This is the second high profile case and in the first one a poor watcher was injured when he tried to stop them. We know very well the loyalty of the license holder official. Being a government official does not mean that one has the license to do anything they like irrespective of the law. This incident should be investigated thoroughly and the culprits should be identified.

  2. Mansoor Ahmad says

    Mr Zulfiqar Ahmad. you did a big mistake if u didn’t know the reality then there is no reason to say anyone is corrupt and you have no right to use such words for a govt officer who is loyal with his duty. I think he better knows his duty and no one can do that as you write above that the markhor was especially hunted by a senior government official to hold the gathering. Are you kidding, haha, you report just like a kid not like a professional reporter, so next time be careful it will be good for your health.

  3. Nargis Jabeen says

    I appreciate your effort to disclose these people young brother! These are destroying Chitral’s natural habitat with the help of some internal parasites among Chitralis. A native of Lotkuh Valley Sin village called Prince invites millionaires of other areas to hunt wild goats without any legal permit. Another group of two men in Shah Salim Pass who are class 4 government servants also bring hunted Markhors for entertaining special guests upon demand of their masters as you have mentioned about. They also share the remaining booty of the hunt with some notables of the area to keep them calm.

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