Machinery for DSL service rotting in Booni

CHITRAL, March 10: The residents of Booni have regretted the unnecessary and inordinate delay in the activation of the digital subscriber loop (DSL) service in the telephone exchange of Booni where the required machinery had been provided one year back. dslTalking to this correspondent here on Tuesday, activists of a civil society organization said the DSL service had been provided in most of the exchanges in Chitral district except Booni which was the headquarters of the Mastuj subdivision. He said Booni was the second largest town of the district which was known for its highest literacy rate with more than half a dozen degree colleges, government offices while a large number of NGOs had also established their offices there. Mr. Ahmed said that on the consistent demand of the subscribers of telephone for the provision of DSL service, the PTCL had provided the machinery and accessories in the town exchange but its installation remained a dream. He said that the delay was not only vexing the telephone subscribers desired to use the modern technology but the company is also suffering from loss with each passing day as its activation will fetch an additional income. Mr. Wiqar said there were banks, NGO offices and research organizations in the town whose efficiency can be upgraded if they are provided with high speed internet facility as the dial up connection can not serve their purpose. He said that he knew the workers of many organizations based in the town who travel to the Chitral town traveling a distance of more than 90 kilometres only to do their official work which is possible only by using high speed internet. He said that the banking sector was also the worst affect of the unavailability of DSL service where establishment of connection with the branches in the other cities is not possible with the incumbent decades old system of dialing. Mr. Wiqar has demanded of the authorities of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to take notice of the delay in the provision of the sought after service in Booni town.–Zahiruddin]]>

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