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  1. Muhammad Khan, Peshawar says

    Ok fair enough. But Gul Jee, tell me how on earth you can say that the people elected in the area in the past were all corrupt and whoever you are trying to project and want to vote is an angel par excellence. Give some solid arguments that the man you want to bring in will not indulge in corruption. Man, do not try to mix up all the religious events with the bloody corrupt politicians of today. Except for 1 to 2 per cent or may be less that that the politicians of Pakistan are corrupt and Chitralis are no exception. The Chitralis are innocent only because they did not get any big chance to loot and plunder and if they are given such a chance they will be miles ahead of Zardari and the likes. We have seen Chitrali government officials looting national resources and becoming billionaires and even shown on media lost of their senses and drunk.

  2. Hardi Jan Chad says

    Well said but we people are the greatest power, whenver we have to take the decision we should collectivey take and unite in one opinion.We should elect those persons who can represent us, who can fight for our rights and can work for the welfare and development of heaven Chitral.We should keep our mind open to positive thinking and make our society peaceful.

  3. Bakhtawar Salik says

    Gul Jee ! Stop dictating people who to vote for ! I am tired of useless political debates and personal attacks from supporters of both sides! Its not even for the media to ‘research and show us the right path’.It takes an ordinary person a single glance around his village to decide who to vote for! Traditionally, Chitralis voted for people who were included in their ‘azhik brik’. This has changed. The Chitralis now want people who would make sure that there are schools for their kids to go through and jobs to get after graduating. A person who promises that will get my vote!

  4. Gul Jee says

    Dear Brother Salahuddin Khisrow
    I am sorry from the bottom of my heart and seek forgiveness and really appreciate your correction in my article. I had written it down by accident in the wrong form, however you are right and I apologize for the misunderstanding. Yes, it is Misaq e Madina not Treaty of Hudaibiya.

  5. Salahuddin Khisrow says

    Well written. I want to make a little correction here. When prophet Muhammad (PBUH) migrated to Madina, he made a written constitution for daily affairs because Madina had Jews and Pagan Arabs along with Muslims. This treaty is not treaty of Hudaybia as written by the author. It is called Mesaq-e-Madina.

  6. Ali Safdar Khan says

    Good Article Gul Jee. i always enjoy reading your articles and the articles make quite stir and uproar in the ranks of mafias, and there agents spare no time to respond. I think people of Upper Chitral have now realized the blunders of last elections and they will not be part of anymore electoral catastrophes.

  7. Mutasim Billah says

    Thank God finally Gul Jee has mustered some courage once again but this time too (as expected) he is here with some agenda in hand, which is surely to please his half-literate political masters. He has claimed of changing the elections results altogether in his home town without knowing his own brother (Azam) is a staunch supporter of former President Gen Pervez Musharraf what yo talk of the whole Charun Oveer. The days are gone when people of Charun used to shuttle between Charun Oveer and Pawasun. I am still waiting for a reply to a letter I’d written to him after which he just disappeared.

  8. Peerzada says

    Agreed with Mr Gul Jee.

  9. Dr. Zubeda Sirang says

    I must only say one word. LOL.

  10. Nadir Khan, Karachi says

    Gul Jee, looks like you sleep for half of the year and wake up for a few days and then go to hibernation again. I think you must have some problems and before advising the Chitralis what to do and what not to do you should put your own body and mind together. The people of upper Chitral know well how to deal with their issues and they are not that much devoid of common sense to wait for your sermons from the snowy plains of North America. Better you concentrate on your work there and stop worrying about politics back home.

    1. Arif Ali Khan says

      You should become part of rela destributer agency,and suply different veraities of rela from corangi to uppar chitral, purchasing votes and gambling with your haji dada.

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