Ammunition dumped along Chitral river seized

CHITRAL, March 1: Police claimed to have recovered 404 cartridges of anti-aircraft gun from the Chitral River near Balach village on Saturday. ammuTalking to journalists, District Police Officer Ghulam Hussain said that they were informed by intelligence agencies regarding the presence of the ammunition. He said that they rushed to the spot with relevant gadgets and recovered the ammunition. Mr Hussain said the outer surface of the casings of the cartridges was rusted which meant that they were thrown into the water many years ago. He said the recovered cartridges were 12.7mm and 14.5mm, which were used in anti-aircraft and anti-tank guns. The official said the explosive detector indicated the presence of more cartridges and other explosive material in the depth of water for which search would be continued. An official of an intelligence agency, present on the occasion, said that during the Afghan war the camp of the supporters of Afghan commander Ahmed Shah Masood was situated near the spot and they used to dump arms and ammunition there. He was of the view that the cartridges were thrown by his men into the river in late 1980s.–Zahiruddin]]>

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